SEnuke X Project Linking Diagram Template Downloads

This is our new resource for SEnuke X project linking diagram template downloads. For the time these are free but in the future we may offer them to SEnuke members that have signed up through our website only. The password to download the files is senukedotco. Enjoy and please do not forget to bookmark this page!

How to use SENuke X Project Linking Diagrams:

Download the SENuke linking diagram template and put it into the template folder where SEnuke X is:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\SENukeX\Templates

Social Slam


Here is the Social Slam, a project linking template constructed of 8 social networks projects linking right to the money site along with 16 social network projects pushing those links. Every single social network then has the URLs they created Bookmarked and also the RSS Urls submitted, thus pushing all of the links with a two and 3 tiered process of linking.

Crank up the Wizard and begin, choose the maximum of 3 user profiles for this template and begin setting it up.

What happens is with there being numerous social network projects and just a maximum of 3 profiles, SEnuke will publish different articles at random , using the same profiles.

Setting up may take a bit of time, but try not to get lazy and start copy and pasting identical spun articles into the same social network projects, given that SEnuke will post to the same profiles a few times, having two articles that are the same on one profile will get that spoke of your wheel broke and removed.

The Social Slam may be adjusted also so that additional links are created or maybe the tier system goes much deeper.

You can include up to three 2.0 profile projects and three forum projects to drive whatever social network projects links that suits you.

As-is, the Social Slam is a maximum of three link tiers, though you can actually easily convert it into a four or even 6 tiered system by adjusting how the social network projects connect to each other. As an example, currently there are 8 social networks going directly to the money site(s) and 16 social network projects linking to those 8. All one would need to do is detach one of the 16 social network projects from the eight and make it connect with one of the other Sixteen.

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SENuke Cosmic Blast DiagramCosmic Blast


Built with only social network, social bookmark, and RSS projects. These project modules are the best for building instant wheels because the links are live right away. This doesn’t use PR or video projects and rarely use article projects because it takes too long to get a live URL to link to while building a linkwheel.

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SENuke Cosmic Blast Supernova templateCosmic Blast II – Supernova


This is based on the same Cosmic Blast template and slightly altered so that the links are blasted with web 2.0 profiles and forum profiles.


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  1. Great idea. Will you be adding any new templates soon, also do you take submissions? I have a few custom templates I would like to send you. I like to give back to the community and I think what you are doing is great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carnell Mathis

    Hey StevE. I would love to see your template. I will add anything here that is legitimate and useful. In return I can add any relevant backlink you would like on this page. Contact me on Skype and let me know what you have zoomsixx

  3. Reddy

    How can I download these templates? Where can I pay ? Where can I register? It is asking for a password when I try to download. WHere/ How can I get the password? Please let me know

  4. Squiggles

    How many days would you spread this over? I just got SENukeX and dont want it to harm my site if I do it to fast.


  5. I have the same question as Reddy, Where do you get the password from to download it?

  6. Thanks,at last found some unique templates to use,i was out of ideas :D