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SENuke X V2.01 now available for immediate download. Do you want to get into internet marketing? Or are you a veteran in the game looking to scale up? Then SENuke X is perfect for you. Without a doubt, this search engine optimization tool is a no-brainer. Aside from unleashing the potential for a stream of income on autopilot, you’ll create more time for yourself, friends, family, and other loved ones in your life. Time is money and money is time. It’s an asset that’s hard to come by. SENuke X makes that a possibility. It’s a huge upgrade over the previous version, as it does everything necessary for ranking and banking on the search engines. Added features in this version allow you to take a vacation anywhere in the world while getting the job done.

Why hire outsourcers? Running a team can get rather costly, some outsourcers are slow to respond, and there are workers who tend to produce low-quality work. A lot of stress and worry is involved. SENuke X eliminates all of that and delivers results. You’re in control of everything, yet with less costs and more time. Think of more money in your pockets

What Makes SENuke X So Great?

Here’s an overview of the main features in SENuke X, along with their benefits.

Social Network and Article Directory Submitters

These are the two core submission modules for SENuke X, as it has been since the beginning when Areeb first released this powerful program. The Social Network module helps you create web 2.0 properties with your pre-made content, while the Article Directory Submission module gets your articles to various content farms that you can use to target your money site directly or to backup your web 2.0 properties.

These web 2.0 sites and article submissions are the backbone of your SEO campaigns. They make your site look like an authority in Google’s eyes, which results in rising rankings. However, you can’t rely on these properties on their own. You need the help of the other SENuke X modules to back up your properties with a power boost to increase their value.

Senuke X Social Network Submitter

Social Bookmarking and RSS Modules

With SENuke X’s Social Bookmarking module, you can submit your site and other links to sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon, adding that social factor to your links which is what Google is looking for. With recent Google algorithm changes (Panda Update), social interaction is a bigger factor, so your site’s value increases with such human actions occurring. Social bookmarks also help you index your backlinks. So as your backlinks are seen by the search engines, your rankings will rise.

The RSS module has pretty much the same effect as the social bookmarking module, mainly in helping you index your links. Sure, you can let your links set and index naturally if you so desire, but that takes a much longer time. By utilizing a combination of social bookmarks and RSS feeds, Google and other search engines will be able to see your backlinks right away. This is just another reason why SENuke X is so powerful.

SENuke X Social Bookmarking Submitter

Profile Link Module

Have you heard of programs like XRumer? If you haven’t, it’s basically a really powerful program that does many tasks at very fast speeds, mainly the creation of web 2.0 profile links. This program is too expensive, requires extra recurring costs every month, and is pretty hard to learn. Areeb and his team have their own answer to this in SENUke X. It’s gone through a huge overhaul compared to the previous version, as there’s the option for creating and importing your own lists for profile links. This helps you diversify your link portfolio and sets you apart from the competition.

SENuke X’s own profile link creation solution allows you to hit your money site with a constant flow of links. It’s not advisable to spam your money site with these links, but it’s just good for link diversity. What you want to use this module for is to power up your web 2.0 properties, article submissions, and press releases. While profile links are mainly junk links, they can provide some serious power to boost these properties’ authority and value. Your backlink properties on their only can only get you so far, so you’ll need this extra boost from the mass blast of profile links.

SENuke X Profile Link Module

SENuke X’s Link Diagram

If you were a user of the previous version of SENuke, then you probably found it a pain to map out your tasks and links on your own. SENuke X makes your overall campaign creation workflow a joke. You can simply utilize pre-made money making diagrams that place modules in the right spots for you, or you can design your own diagrams to use the modules to your exact liking. With the right amount of creativity and SEO knowledge, you can create a monster of a campaign that just oozes link juice. Of course, it’s still powerful enough that even as a beginner in the field, you can make highly effective diagrams with ease.

Check out our selection of SENuke X link diagram templates. These are free to use and we will be adding new ones on a constant basis.

The Brand New Task Scheduler

Do you want to make Google a slave to your sites? On top of the power of all the modules and the link diagramming SENuke allows, the task scheduler is that icing on the cake for your internet marketing endeavors. You don’t need to carry out all of these tasks at once or manually run tasks on certain staggered dates. Rather, this can all be done on autopilot. All you have to do is set up your tasks through the link diagram and schedule the period of time you want to spread out all of these tasks.

What this does is create constant link velocity. If you were to conduct all these tasks at once, it looks unnatural from Google’s point of view. So by using the link scheduler and spreading tasks out, you can emulate that look and feel of natural link creation which is perfect for ranking high on the search engines.

Do you want to live the 4 hour work week? Adding SENuke X to your linkbuilding arsenal is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of possibly doing this.

SENuke X 2.0 Released and Now Available for Download

For those of you who aren’t familiar with SENuke X 2.0, you’re missing out.  It’s a social marketing tool that assists with article directory submissions, social networking, social bookmarking, RSS modules, profile link modules, and the list goes on.  If that doesn’t impress you, and especially if it did, the new 2.0 update is bound to blow your mind.  It launched on August 9, 2011 after a very successful four months of SENuke X 1.0.

One of the many important updates is that it no longer uses a web browser to submit to websites.  The whole program has shifted to sockets, which not only makes the entire process seven times faster, but it also helps protect your computer from viruses on external websites.  There are still 2% of sites that continue to use web browsers and haven’t made the socket switch yet, but it’s a much lesser risk to your hard drive than it used to be.

For those of you sick of solving CAPTCHAs, they’ve upgraded that too.  The new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solves reCaptcha with a 75% success rate.  ReCaptcha is used on about 40% of websites, so that’s a huge advantage.  It’s not only a time-saver, but it’s going to save you money in the process.  Best of all, this little feature is completely free.

All New SENuke X 2.0 Strategy Forum

Se nuke X 2.0 ForumsThe forums have been given a boost as well.  They’ve added on a “Strategy” forum thread, which is basically a place for Nukers to get together and brainstorm ideas for better rankings.  We approve – the more people talk it out, the closer we get to something revolutionary about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  And if you’ve been trying to sell your SENuke X 2.0 product on Warrior Forum with no success, we’re about to brighten your day.  With the new “Marketplace” feature, you can post any NSO (Nuker Special Offer) completely free of charge.  We like that they’re throwing the word “free” all over the place – it makes us consumers happy.

For SENuke X 2.0, they went on a massive transcript high; now every video in the training library has a PDF transcript that goes with it.  In case you missed something in the video or you’re just not a visual learner, the transcripts should help the message to sink in a little better.  They also recently had an advanced webinar with Greg Jacobs, and if you’re interested to see what he had to say, there’s a PDF transcript of that too.

And, of course, there are the general updates that you’d expect – more sites to the directory, more bugs fixed, and better customer support.  It’s a fairly expansive update they’ve done to the 2.0 system, but we’re excited to see what new things come out of it.  Whoever said you shouldn’t have too much of a good thing obviously didn’t know about SENuke X 2.0.

SENuke X 2.0 Updates are Free as Always

Oh, and just to clarify, the entire update – the socket switch, the new forum threads, the shiny new transcripts – they’re all free.  Co-owner Areeb Bajwa reiterated in the official blog that they’ll never charge for an update of SENuke X 2.0 – ever.  Free.  We love that word.

Real customer feedback – here’s what others are saying about SENuke X…

What Do Others Have to Say About SENuke X?

“Awesome software. SENuke has really taken SEO automation to a new level. I love this software. I can actually run it on two of my computers at once so I have two campaigns set to automatically run at all times. When the first version came out I did have some issues with my success levels. Patches and updated are coming out on almost a daily basis so most of that has been fixed. On average I get an 80% to 90% success rate which is phenomenal. There are new sites being added all of the time also. So you aren’t just submitting to the same sites over and over. A++ highly recommended…”
Ramesh Sharma

Taking a Pounding from the Google Panda Update?

“I run a business that relies on local Google searches. After the recent Panda update I saw a lot of my content disappearing from the SERPS. I was at my wits end as to what to do. I know design and basic some basic SEO skills. My budget for outsourcing was pretty much non-existent. I then decided to start looking into building my own backlinks. This seemed to be the most logical step I needed to take to get Google to look at my website again. I had the content but my website was lacking in any type of authority. I found some places that were selling backlinks, simple one way links on a blog. Some of these sites were charging hundreds for a few links. That was definitely not an option for me. I then came across SENuke and saw that there was a free trial. Free is a good place to start. I signed up and was working on a campaign that day. I thought this was some kind of fly by night operation at first but must say that I starting ranking again for my long tail keywords that same week. I am forever grateful SENuke…”
James Tomrell

Is SENuke X Right for You?

The right question should be: Do you want to make money quickly and easily?

Do you see yourself on a tropical island sipping on margaritas WHILE making bank doing so? Sounds like a dream, right? You can make that a reality with SENuke X. For such a low monthly cost, you won’t have to deal with the pain of unresponsive and incompetent outsourced workers. It’s hard enough interviewing and testing out outsourcers. Even once you have your team assembled, there’s a high chance that these workers won’t get things done the way you want them to be done.

With SENuke X, you won’t have to worry about all of this. You’re in control of everything even if you’re away from the computer. Areeb and his team have invested over $100,000 and a year’s work in this project. This is all to make sure that you get nothing but the best all-in-one SEO software on the market.

The sky’s the limit with such a powerful piece of software in your hands. There are so many untapped niches and even competitive niches that are yours for the grabbing. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. Bent Lee

    I just bought my copy. Loving it so far. I just rose from a 3rd page Google listing to a #3 spot for a very competitive keyword I had been trying to target for a while. I made my money back the first week I started using SENuke. Now I plan on doing to keyword research with Market Samurai so I can find more niche markets to target. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  2. Black Cat SEO

    SENuke X is a staple of our business. If you are an amateur or just don’t have the time to learn how to use SENuke itself come check us out. We can do campaigns for you at a reasonable cost.

  3. Kevin S

    Hey, cool site. I see you have a PR4. Did you get that from using Senuke? Just curious. My real question is about the link diagrams. I know the software comes with some templates but I’m looking for the bonus templates. I saw them somewhere. If you could have a link to them here that would be invaluable. Maybe you could have a SENuke link diagram sharing area. That would be cool. Either way I’m looking for the templates so if someone could direct me it would be appreciated.

  4. admin

    @Kevin S I think that is a great idea. I think maybe I will set up a bonus download section with link diagram templates, SENuke eBooks etc.. I think it would be a great resource. I may only offer it to people who order SENuke from this website though, I’m not sure on that yet. Anyways, I will start on it right away.

  5. M

    So why is it there is no one we can talk to about this product before we buy it. Let me tell you right now that this is a huge reason why many just walk away. I need to talk with someone 1 on 1 before i spend 1xx.00 per month on a new tool. Not that it is a lot of money, but I need to know why it is better than all of the other tools out there. Does anyone have a skype Id or a facebook I can talk to? There needs to be a place where people can talk to someone instantly not over a forum for find out from a friend of a friend.


  6. admin

    @M I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have over Skype: zoomsixx or AIM zoomsixx.. I may not know as much as the creator of the software but I have used it quite a bit and can probably answer most questions. What I think I may do is offer a live chat on this site so people can ask questions live.

  7. Caroline Ramerez

    Downloaded this yesterday and just wanted to drop by and say that I’m really enjoying the program so far! There is a lot of features so I’m still learning my way around, but it’s already been incredibly helpful. I’m pretty excited to see where this goes and hoping it makes business a bit easier! :)

  8. Lenny R.

    Very, very nice software. It’s made SEO incredibly easy for me. I run a retail website and this is a dream…it’s reduced my stress level significantly since the software handles so many aspects for me that usually would take my attention away from the important things (running my business and handling sales). It’s like having your own virtual secretary…one that never talks back! (LOL)

  9. G.R.

    Nice! I’m like a kid in a candy store with this….and finding it surprisingly easy to use. I typically don’t do the whole “review” on a product thing, but felt I had to say something about this. I am loving the social network features (and the social bookmarking is awesome!) I thought I was doing a really good job of marketing on my own, but this makes everything I’ve done so far seem amateur. It’s a great tool for promotion and organization. It’s my first time using anything by Senuke and I am definitely a fan!

  10. Rory

    Get the trial! I didn’t know much about this software or what it really could do (heck I didn’t even know if it was an online scam), but I took a chance and downloaded the trial. I’ve been a customer ever since and I really think others who give it a shot will too. And if you don’t like it, it’s no problem because you’re able to cancel…though I doubt you will if you are truly in need of software that can help market your business. I’ve upped my page ranking and noticibility on search engines by quite a bit.

  11. Morning Glory

    I LOVE that you can have this software set up on multiple computers and run simultaneous campaigns. As for SENuke itself…the software is user friendly, though you will have to play around with things a bit before getting the gist of it all. I also appreciate that this company keeps working to update the software so that we’re always up to date.

    Completely worth every penny, and I’m actually earning more because of this program. Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!

  12. Best review I have yet. Good clear screenshots and great explanation of what the software actually does. I am sold.

  13. Thanks I just ordered my copy. I hope it works well :)

  14. I am just learning the software. Pretty powerful stuff. Thanks!

  15. M.HasanShalah

    Dear friends send me pleas. Thanks with regard.

  16. Looks to be an interesting tool, will start with the free trial and if all goes well upgrade to full version!

  17. WOW a 14-day free trial? Uh, this is a no brainer. I have tried a couple of fiverr senuke gigs and have senn fantastic results.
    Now I get a 14-day trail to try it out on my money site. I”m in!! If I see hte results I’m expecting I’ll be more than happy to pay $1XX.XX a month or more. Thanks for the free trial!!